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How much crazier could this refinance get?  To call it a nightmare is an understatement!  As per the norm Faith was not helpful.  She assured me there was a mistake and she was going to get to the bottom of things but we all know by now that she is sporadic talk and no action.  […]

Wells Fargo Home Equity nightmare

After Frank submitted my file back to underwriting for final review I once again thought things were going to move along at a pretty decent clip.  I had already been approved through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, we just needed this supposedly simple subordination taken care of and we could close the loan.  Right! Instead of […]

More Fees, New Fees, Undisclosed Fee Changes

When Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia they did away with the “free” advance of your own money from savings or your line of credit to your checking account and instead began charging $10 for the privilege of moving your money around automatically.  It was a painful little fee but one that made sense and honestly, you should […]

It should be any minute now

On May 10 I asked “Faith” for an update but never received a reply.  I gave Wells Fargo Home Equity a few more days on the subordination before reaching back out to “Faith” for an update on May 15, 2012.  Her reply on May 16 was not particularly impressive: “yes, I’m fine.  Thank you for […]

The (non) Closing Day

Around 1pm on July 6, five months after loan application was made, I have yet to hear a word from anyone at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.  Nothing from Faith the loan originator or her boss Perry, Wednesday the processor, Tamika the closer or Wednesday and Tamika’s boss Lynn.  I sent a nice email to Faith […]

Requests from Wells Fargo Home Equity

Suffice it to say, getting through the Wells Fargo Home Equity subordination process was not the walk in the park I was lead to believe it would be and we were faced with more requests and even redundant requests.  Finally on April 30, 2012 after several emails, I finally got word from Faith that Wells Fargo Home Equity was […]

The Subordination Request

On Friday, April 20, 2012 instead of closing on my refinance with Wells Fargo as expected, I instead get an email from Faith: We’ve heard from the subordination dept.  They have requested that we provide 2 years tax returns.  We only required one year for the process of your mortgage, but subordination dept has required 2 […]

Three weeks later…

After waiting patiently for three weeks I began to get concerned again, as I would have expected to have heard from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to set up a closing date.  Although they were not able to close at the end of March as originally planned I was hoping to close the first week in […]

The Week of Closing (take 1)

On Monday morning, April 16, 2012 I was further encouraged to have a few busy days of email exchanges with my Wells Fargo Home Mortgage loan officer “Faith” as she got what I thought were the last few i’s dotted and t’s crossed. On Wednesday April 18, 2012 I sent Faith with WFHM an email asking for […]

The Structure

This may seem boring but I should probably lay some background on the deal structure. Currently I have two mortgages with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage: one on the townhouse I used to live in and use when I am in town and one on an investment property; and an equity line with Wells Fargo Home […]

In the beginning…

Back in late January 2012, I noticed an ad when I logged into that said something along the lines of “streamline your mortgage into a lower interest rate”.  When I accessed my online mortgage statement I then saw a little text box on the right with the name of a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage […]