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How much crazier could this refinance get?  To call it a nightmare is an understatement!  As per the norm Faith was not helpful.  She assured me there was a mistake and she was going to get to the bottom of things but we all know by now that she is sporadic talk and no action.  […]

Wells Fargo Home Equity nightmare

After Frank submitted my file back to underwriting for final review I once again thought things were going to move along at a pretty decent clip.  I had already been approved through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, we just needed this supposedly simple subordination taken care of and we could close the loan.  Right! Instead of […]

It should be any minute now

On May 10 I asked “Faith” for an update but never received a reply.  I gave Wells Fargo Home Equity a few more days on the subordination before reaching back out to “Faith” for an update on May 15, 2012.  Her reply on May 16 was not particularly impressive: “yes, I’m fine.  Thank you for […]

What is a Subordination Request?

A quick Google search will give plenty of information on the definition of subordinate but what exactly does it mean to subordinate a mortgage? sub·or·di·nate adjective /səˈbôrdnit/ Lower in rank or position – his subordinate officers Of less or secondary importance – in adventure stories, character must be subordinate to action noun /səˈbôrdnit/   subordinates, plural A person […]

Requests from Wells Fargo Home Equity

Suffice it to say, getting through the Wells Fargo Home Equity subordination process was not the walk in the park I was lead to believe it would be and we were faced with more requests and even redundant requests.  Finally on April 30, 2012 after several emails, I finally got word from Faith that Wells Fargo Home Equity was […]

The Subordination Request

On Friday, April 20, 2012 instead of closing on my refinance with Wells Fargo as expected, I instead get an email from Faith: We’ve heard from the subordination dept.  They have requested that we provide 2 years tax returns.  We only required one year for the process of your mortgage, but subordination dept has required 2 […]