It should be any minute now


On May 10 I asked “Faith” for an update but never received a reply.  I gave Wells Fargo Home Equity a few more days on the subordination before reaching back out to “Faith” for an update on May 15, 2012.  Her reply on May 16 was not particularly impressive:

“yes, I’m fine.  Thank you for your concern.  I’ve been working on a Bank marketing campaign which has kept me away from my desk for the past 3 days.  My Managers are also in a meeting so I’m having trouble getting in touch with someone to get you an answer, but I have not forgotten about you—-I promise!  I really appreciate your patience throughout this process.  I hope to hear something today.  Thanks again”

Do you think I heard back from Faith?  Of course not!  Finally after I called her boss and sent her another email on May 18, 2012,  she finally replied:

“I had hoped that I would hear something by now.  It appears that your file is with the underwriter as we speak so I was hoping that I could get you more information this afternoon.  I have not gotten the final approval yet from the subordination team, but it should be any minute now. “

If I had a nickel for every time Faith at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage told me we should know something “soon” I would be able to buy controlling interest in Wells Fargo!  Again, I hear “any day now” and get no response from my trusty Wells Fargo loan officer.  I am not surprised!

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