The (non) Closing Day

· Mortgage Refinance, Wells Fargo

Around 1pm on July 6, five months after loan application was made, I have yet to hear a word from anyone at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.  Nothing from Faith the loan originator or her boss Perry, Wednesday the processor, Tamika the closer or Wednesday and Tamika’s boss Lynn.  I sent a nice email to Faith and Perry asking for an update:

I did not hear back from anyone yesterday and would appreciate it if one of you would afford me the decency of responding to this email today.  I do not think it is unreasonable to expect basic information, like my payment amount since the terms of the loan has changed, or a guess as to why you said the loan was “clear to close” and not Tamika states it is actually still in underwriting.

There is nothing more frustrating that being ignored, even if you have no idea what the new mortgage payment will be or why you said the loan was clear to close and it in fact is not, the courtesy of a reply would be in order.

The best number to reach me at today is …

I was actually pleasantly surprised to get a reply back from Perry:

I understand Faith is off with limited access to emails.  I do not feel comfortable quoting you a payment without knowing more about the details of your loan, but I can find out why we have not closed your loan yet.

I apologize for this lengthy delay and will be in touch.

Now that, I find encouraging.  Not that Faith is again with limited access to emails, even that Faith’s boss’s boss Perry is actively engaged and copying Faith and her boss in on the email thread, but that he replied to my email so quickly.

More on Perry’s involvement in my next post

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