Light at the End of the Tunnel?

· Mortgage Refinance

After my initial excitement over hearing back from Perry Farmer, the branch sales manager, so quickly I sent an email specifically asking a few questions:

Thank you for the courtesy of replying to my email.  I do not mean to be rude but I seem to frequently hear that Faith and Wednesday are out of the office or are with limited access to email.  It has happened so many times that I am now surprised when I do hear back.  Wednesday has an auto-responder so I know when she is away.  Faith on the other hand does not and it causes a great deal of frustration for calls and emails to go unanswered.  If the answer to a question is “I do not know” then I am perfectly okay hearing that, what simply drives me up the wall is the black hole vortex that seems to be at Wells Fargo.  We are all busy people in a demanding industry and I can understand when we get caught up in the hustle of doing business and forget, as I am sure is what happened when you did not call me back last week, but to have this happen over and over again is just bad business.

Has anyone heard from underwriting? More to the point, does anyone have a clue why they would tell Faith we were clear to close when in fact the loan was still in underwriting?  I am stuck in yet another cycle of underwriter roulette?  Most puzzling is why are we having a problem getting a lower loan amount approved than what we originally had an approval?

As a matter of immediate importance is my mortgage payment that was due on July 1.  Faith assured me everything was good to go and I did not have to make the payment since we were closing and funding before the 15th.  Is this true? If I go on and make my payment today, will WFHM be able to get an updated payoff when we finally close or will this cause another delay?  I feel as though I am in a sticky wicket here.

I would greatly appreciate a reply today as I do not want to go through the weekend in confusion or without an answer on how to proceed with my mortgage payment.

Imagine my surprise when I actually got a telephone call from Perry Farmer himself!  Yep, live and in person I had a phone call full of apologies, explanations (more on that later), and his assurance that he was not only personally involved but would also counsel Faith on the importance of returning phone calls and emails.  I am a little hesitant to get my hopes up just yet but this is progress!


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  1. Curt Jackson

    Sounds like my experience

  2. MMM

    Oh Curt I am so sorry to hear your refinance with Wells Fargo is a disaster too! If it is any consolation mine finally closed about six months after the process started! Insane. I was so disguested with WF I have been moving my accounts from Wells Fargo to a credit union!

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