Shattered Dreams

· Mortgage Refinance

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage was supposed to have all of the paperwork in my lawyer’s office by noon today.  As  result, I had been watching and waiting all morning for my HUD-1 so I could transfer funds and get everything I needed to my lawyer’s office for tomorrow’s closing when I got the dreaded email from the attorney’s office.

Hi – just wanted to give you an update in case you are on the lookout for the HUD Settlement Statement from me today.

Your lender is not quite ready to close yet so we will not be able to close tomorrow.  I will be back in touch with you as soon as we are clear to schedule a new closing date.

NO!!!!!!!  I called my lawyer’s office and heard from them that the loan processor in charge of the paperwork had sent an email stating my loan was still in underwriting and was not clear to close.

Say what?!  I just had an email exchange in which Wells Fargo said we were clear to close, certainly there must be a mistake!

Alas, yet another person has emailed the attorney, we will call her Tomika, and stated that in fact my loan is still in underwriting.

I sent out a quick email to Faith, Wednesday, Tomika, and Mary (the interim processor that helps out as Wednesday is almost always out of the office).  Sure enough, Wednesday is again out of the office and we have no reply from Faith or Tomika.  Mary seems to be the only person at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage with a heart, as she replied that she did not know anything but was working on it.

Still though, be the end of the day there was still no news.  What more could they possibly want?  Perhaps they would like another month or two of extremely high interest?  It is beyond me. I am so disgusted with Wells Fargo right now I could spit.

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