Clear to Close!

· Mortgage Refinance

Magic to my eyes!  I have had several teasers over the last few months but this is the first time I have seen these lovely words.  Certainly there must be a catch!

Email exchange with Faith the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage loan officer:

Faith: We are clear to close on this file.  What day did you want to close?

Me: So what is the catch? 😉

Faith: What do you mean?

Me:  I simply cannot believe this thing will actually close… There must be a catch.

Faith:  No, the file has been cleared from underwriting.  We are just waiting on the attorney to update the title and give us a date to close.

Finally!  This may be the shortest kept blog in the history of the world.  My husband says no, he doubts it will close.

Of course, the title work has expired since it was ordered back in March so the attorney orders and update and we are set to close on Friday, July 6 – only five (5) months after I originally applied with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.   It has been a bumpy road but I am so relieved this is finally going to be over and my re-fi will be in the past!

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