Three weeks later…

· Mortgage Refinance, Wells Fargo

After waiting patiently for three weeks I began to get concerned again, as I would have expected to have heard from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to set up a closing date.  Although they were not able to close at the end of March as originally planned I was hoping to close the first week in May when I would again be in town.  I shot my long-suffering loan office Faith an email and copied Wednesday in on the thread to make sure I covered my bases.

I quickly heard back from Faith that she was on the case and reaching out to Wednesday’s colleague since Wednesday was out of the office.

Faith was really on the ball requesting information I had given Wednesday back in March since it was not in the file and Wednesday was out of the office.  I resent everything from my proof of insurance to an acknowledgement that I was in a flood zone to answering routine questions.  As frustrating as it was to have to do all of this again, I was just so grateful that things were moving along that I was happy to oblige and see we were on track again.  Faith even said,

“We have also requested the subordination agreement on the 2nd mortgage loan.  We don’t have that yet, but we will take care of that.  Then we should be ready to close.  I’m hoping for a closing some time next week.”

That email was dated was April 13, 2012 which would mean a closing around April 20, 2012.  At last!

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