March Winds Blow Away the Blissful Ignorance

· Mortgage Refinance

Remember those tax returns we were not supposed to need?  Or the other nit picky documents you normally have to submit when you do not have a history with a bank?  Yeah, I had to submit them all and then some!  Some of the things they were requesting were, in my opinion, totally out of left field, like proving I was not on the deed of my primary residence (?!)  so I called Faith and asked for clarification.

Maybe I am nuts but when I send an email or leave a voice mail, I have this crazy idea that the person on the other side should reply.

If I reply to your request for information with a question or seeking clarification so I can be sure to provide accurate information, I would most certainly think the person requesting the infromation would be interested in replying to insure they are receiving accurate data.  Apparantly, the loan department at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage do not work on this premis.  Either that or they do not check their voice mail or email…for days.  I cannot tell you how many times I have left messages and/or requested Faith call me only to have no reply.

This became such a problem that eventually at the end of March I left her manager “Perry Farmer” a message and requested he call me.  Guess what?  He did not call back either. Eventually I left him a second message and low and behold I heard from Faith!  This was only my second or third call from Faith and I was elated!  Certainly I had been too impatient and I returned again to my state of waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

Seriously, how hard is it to return a phone call?

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