Blissful Ignorance or Early Warning Signs?

· Mortgage Refinance

After making loan application with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage the first week in February, I realized I would be back in the Carolinas at the end of March for a few days and suggested to Faith that we try to close around that time.

By this time there had been a few annoying hiccups but nothing to really make a big deal about. For example, the value of the lot I was paying off was listed at the original loan amount and not the actual value (20 times the original loan amount), Faith said she thought we could do this loan without having to dig up tax returns and such but it turns out I did, a few pieces of information I gave her for the application were put in incorrectly, and they had my middle initial wrong.

My biggest complaint at this time was that Faith was not particularly good at returning emails or phone calls, as she spends a great deal of time out of the office. I inquired as to why she did not use her mobile and am still unclear as to if she does not have one or just does not give it out to customers.

Living in the Washington, DC area where everyone is plugged in and replies within hours has me spoiled. Add that to the fact my company has an affiliation with a bank, I am double used to quick replies to emails and phone calls. I have had to keep reminding myself that the South moves at a slower pace and everyone once in a while that can have its drawbacks.

All in all I thought things were moving along at a steady pace and we would be set to close on time at the end of March. In hindsight, these were the early warning signals that things were not going as smoothly as I thought.

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