In the beginning…

· Mortgage Refinance, Wells Fargo

Back in late January 2012, I noticed an ad when I logged into that said something along the lines of “streamline your mortgage into a lower interest rate”.  When I accessed my online mortgage statement I then saw a little text box on the right with the name of a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage loan originator and her phone number.Wells Fargo Mortgage Screen Clip

With interest rates hovering in the 3.875% – 4.25% range, I had been entertaining the possibility of refinancing my 5.75% note so I picked up the phone and left the loan officer a message. Given the fact it took the loan officer, we will call her Faith, a week or so to call me back I knew they were super busy. What with rates hovering at all-time lows, who would not want to refinance their existing mortgage?

When I finally heard back from Faith I gave her an overview of my assets and goals she made a few suggestions of her own. Faith seemed like a nice, friendly person and I liked her idea to take advantage of my high equity situation to pay off another small mortgage Wells Fargo Home Mortgage had on an investment property, as it would be cutting the interest rate on that mortgage in half and also streamline debt. Since I was already a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage customer in good standing, it made sense to keep with the company I had been dealing with for years and I went on and made an application to refinance my little townhouse on the Carolina coast.

The process was supposed to take around a month or so. That was February 3, 2012. Today is June 28, 2012.

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