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March’s Conditions

While the weather was warming up, it seems the underwriting department at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage was cooking up as many things as they could to find a reason not to complete this loan.  Upon receiving the below email I asked to speak with someone higher up the food chain. 1. Borrower to provide documentation showing […]

March Winds Blow Away the Blissful Ignorance

Remember those tax returns we were not supposed to need?  Or the other nit picky documents you normally have to submit when you do not have a history with a bank?  Yeah, I had to submit them all and then some!  Some of the things they were requesting were, in my opinion, totally out of […]

The Structure

This may seem boring but I should probably lay some background on the deal structure. Currently I have two mortgages with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage: one on the townhouse I used to live in and use when I am in town and one on an investment property; and an equity line with Wells Fargo Home […]

Blissful Ignorance or Early Warning Signs?

After making loan application with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage the first week in February, I realized I would be back in the Carolinas at the end of March for a few days and suggested to Faith that we try to close around that time. By this time there had been a few annoying hiccups but nothing to […]

In the beginning…

Back in late January 2012, I noticed an ad when I logged into that said something along the lines of “streamline your mortgage into a lower interest rate”.  When I accessed my online mortgage statement I then saw a little text box on the right with the name of a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage […]

Nightmare or Just a Bad Dream?

Welcome to the tale of my Wells Fargo Home Mortgage refinance nightmare. The title of this blog is probably a pretty clear indication of my expectations regarding the outcome of my refinance with Wells Fargo but, I am trying to keep an open mind and am in hopes that one day this re-finance will finally […]