The refinance saga lives to continue another day

May 22, 2012 Annabelle turned out to be quite the resource in Wells Fargo Home Equity.  We talked a great deal about what had happened, what my faithful(?) loan officer Faith should have already known (like the maximum loan to value on a cash-out refinance), and what my options were going forward.  I liked Annabelle.  […]


How much crazier could this refinance get?  To call it a nightmare is an understatement!  As per the norm Faith was not helpful.  She assured me there was a mistake and she was going to get to the bottom of things but we all know by now that she is sporadic talk and no action.  […]

Wells Fargo Home Equity nightmare

After Frank submitted my file back to underwriting for final review I once again thought things were going to move along at a pretty decent clip.  I had already been approved through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, we just needed this supposedly simple subordination taken care of and we could close the loan.  Right! Instead of […]

More Fees, New Fees, Undisclosed Fee Changes

When Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia they did away with the “free” advance of your own money from savings or your line of credit to your checking account and instead began charging $10 for the privilege of moving your money around automatically.  It was a painful little fee but one that made sense and honestly, you should […]

It should be any minute now

On May 10 I asked “Faith” for an update but never received a reply.  I gave Wells Fargo Home Equity a few more days on the subordination before reaching back out to “Faith” for an update on May 15, 2012.  Her reply on May 16 was not particularly impressive: “yes, I’m fine.  Thank you for […]

What is a Subordination Request?

A quick Google search will give plenty of information on the definition of subordinate but what exactly does it mean to subordinate a mortgage? sub·or·di·nate adjective /səˈbôrdnit/ Lower in rank or position – his subordinate officers Of less or secondary importance – in adventure stories, character must be subordinate to action noun /səˈbôrdnit/   subordinates, plural A person […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

After my initial excitement over hearing back from Perry Farmer, the branch sales manager, so quickly I sent an email specifically asking a few questions: Thank you for the courtesy of replying to my email.  I do not mean to be rude but I seem to frequently hear that Faith and Wednesday are out of the office […]

The (non) Closing Day

Around 1pm on July 6, five months after loan application was made, I have yet to hear a word from anyone at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.  Nothing from Faith the loan originator or her boss Perry, Wednesday the processor, Tamika the closer or Wednesday and Tamika’s boss Lynn.  I sent a nice email to Faith […]

Shattered Dreams

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage was supposed to have all of the paperwork in my lawyer’s office by noon today.  As  result, I had been watching and waiting all morning for my HUD-1 so I could transfer funds and get everything I needed to my lawyer’s office for tomorrow’s closing when I got the dreaded email from […]